Smartphone App

A smartphone app is now available for Android phones! With it the Sudokus shown here can be solved conveniently on the phone. Whether in the bus, in the train or at home on the couch, the app is the perfect possibility to anywhere and anytime solve a nice Sudoku and by that improve the own mental fitness.
The solution can be inputted quickly and easily, further multiple possible candidates can be filled into one field, so that the solving feels like the solving on paper.
The app can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store.

I also started publishing Sudoku books! In these you find Sudokus in from this blog known difficulties, simply printed on paper, so that the Sudokus can be solved conveniently with a pen. Of course solutions are included as well. The first two books with 100 respectively 200 Sudokus can be found here and here on Amazon.